NYX Powder Foundation Review 

I recently picked this product up on a whim, thinking it was just normal pressed powder, and not a foundation. As soon as I tried it on I realised the coverage was far too good to be my usual face powder, and sure enough, it was a foundation.

I’ve never had a powder foundation before, purely because I’d judged it a little too soon and not believed that it could be any better than a liquid foundation. However, I am so glad I accidentally picked this up!

It comes with a sponge in a hidden layer beneath the powder, and a few dabs over the face really makes a massive difference to my complexion. The redness to my skin appears lessened, and overall my skin-tone looks even and clear. As always, I picked out the lightest shade available, which fits me perfectly, but it is very pale so give it a try before you buy.

If you are in the UK, NYX is now being sold at selected Boots stores nationwide, and luckily the one closest to me stocks it! As you might imagine, the stand has usually been ransacked, with most colours being sold out mid week, and only the dregs are left. But if you’re lucky, I’d highly recommend NYX, it’s a cheap brand (this powder foundation was around £8-£10) and the products are very good quality.

I also purchased a few other NYX products, and hope to review them soon.


Organisation Tips & Tricks for Students 

Moving away from home is a massive step in the life of a young adult, and for the vast majority of students it is the first time they will be living without parents or family. You are dropped off and suddenly you’re an adult. You have your own room, your own clothes to wash and iron, your own dishes to clean and put away. It isn’t an easy transition, but it can be helped by having things organised.

A student room is usually small, so you need to utilise all the space you have. Below are a few tips and tricks I have learnt from my university time (which sadly came to an end last year – I miss it!)

Under Bed Storage

The lonely space you have below your bed (providing you don’t have a box bed) is the best place to throw your belongings such as bedding, big jumpers/ coats or spare clothes, extra bottles of things like hand wash that you may not need to use just yet.

Buy a few big storage boxes to organise your things into, but remember to make sure the boxes will fit under your bed before you buy too many! I’d suggest buying around 3, one for bedding, one for clothes and one for spare toiletries/cleaning products or for maybe for any food you might want to keep in your room.

Don’t rush out and spend loads of money on storage boxes, you can use a simple cardboard box (you’ll probably have a few left over from moving in) or for something a bit sturdier, pop to ASDA for a cheap plastic box. This won’t be too costly, and will make a big difference when you need to change your bed, and already know exactly where everything is!

Vacuum Seal Bags

These things are brilliant for freeing up space when you have a lot of clothes to store. I usually put my ‘winter clothes’ such as jumpers, vests, scarfs etc into a couple to shrink them down and throw them at the bottom of my wardrobe throughout summer. Again, this is a quick and easy storage solution. I purchased mine for Argos about a year ago for £15-ish. You can also use them for packing more into a suitcase when travelling! Just be careful of the weight, and try and remember what you’ve put into the bags – it can be hard to see once you’ve vacuumed the bag.

General Room Storage


£3.50, IKEA

You can get boxes like this one (left) to throw all sorts in, and they can sit on a bookshelf or tuck away out of sight. I’ve even purchased shoe racks before, painted them and used them as book stands. It’s a nice idea, if you want a little project, to paint or decorate storage boxes, and it can add a little personal touch to your room.

You’ll also want large a laundry basket, or bag. I opted for a large bag with a zip, because I had to carry it to the other side of campus to get to the laundrette, and no one wants their dirty laundry blowing down the road!

There are also some really lovely storage boxes and duvet covers in ASDA’s home section at the moment. Best of all, they are really cheap and good quality!

Bathroom Storage


£5, ASDA

Whether you have an en-suit or share a bathroom, you’ll want to invest in a few storage baskets to throw make-up, deodorants and the like in. You can, again, get these from supermarkets relatively cheaply, or places like The Range or IKEA.

Remember, you’ll want something waterproof, and not too big. Student bathrooms tend to be on the tiny side.


Make-Up Storage


£11, ASDA

It’s a great idea to use kitchen or household storage to organise make-up. I use a small version of these drawers (left) to store my eye-shadows, lipsticks and make-up I don’t use everyday. I also have kitchen pasta storage jars, which I use to put cotton pads in, and pencil pots for make-up brushes.

Craft-storage and organisation is also great for make-up storage, as it’s on a smaller scale and usually cheap buy.



Using the Library 

If you have an academic-heavy course, think of the library as your second home. Best of all, go early and grab the books you will need before everyone else gets them, instead of buying them all at ridiculous prices online – yep, I’ve been there! You can also leave them there at the end of the day, instead of having books piled from floor to ceiling in your room! However, if the library isn’t really your thing, check for Kindle versions of your reading list.


I hope this list is helpful for any students moving into university, or anyone trying to organise their house this autumn! If you have any handy storage tips, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Clarins Hyrda-Matte Lotion

wp-1473002406756.jpgI’ve been using Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion for combination skin for about a month now, and felt it was time for a review.

I’ve not used any Clarins products before, usually sticking to my old favourite moisturiser, Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, also for oily skin. The Clarins product feels similar, the consistency of the lotion is soft and airy, it absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving no residue, and a little goes a long way. The product is also packaged well, with a pump-dispencer to easily access around a pea-size amount per pump. For an expensive product like this, I expect a lot, and so far I have nothing to complain about.

My skin has had a few small breakouts recently, which I don’t think has anything to do with my moisturiser, and more to do with stress, but if you are looking for an anti-blemish moisturiser, the Clarins lotion isn’t really going to help in that area.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this product, and my sister – who has also been using it – would also recommend it. I would say it is a strong contender when tried and tested against the Clinique equivalent.

Yankee Candle Spring review: Black Plum Blossom & Strawberry Lemon Ice

I’ve recently purchased a few candles at the new Yankee Candle store that has opened up nearby. I brought a small set of Christmas scents, which were lovely, and then thought it would be nice to try out some spring smells to spruce my home up a little.

The first one I tried in the living room was Strawberry Lemon Ice, which is lovely! I have the larger size, which is roughly £25, and if you’re after a sweet smell this is the best one I’ve found so far. After about 10 minutes, you’ll notice the smell spending around the house, and it really does smell great. However, if you prefer a more subtle scent, this is not the one for you.

It is a noticeable, standout fruity smelling candle, and it burns for a long time.

The most recent candle I’ve managed to get my hands on is Black Plum Blossom. This was a bit of an impulse buy because the shop was closing and I really wanted a candle to add to my bedroom to go with some new furniture. I smelt most in the store, but after 5 they all seem to blend into one, and I didn’t want a smell too potent for such a small space. This one is much more subtle, and isn’t as flowery as you’d imagine. It has a more musky scent, with sweet undertones. This is perfect to light in the evening if you don’t want to overpowered by the smell.


It has a more musky scent, with sweet undertones. This is perfect to light in the evening if you don’t want to overpowered by the smell.

I did also like the cherry scented candle, but again, I think it would be a bit strong for the bedroom and is more suited to an open space. So far, so good with the Black Plum Blossom though! I have this in a smaller size, this is the medium, and was £18.99.

If you have any favourite candle scents or brands, let me know! I’m always on the lookout for more goodies to try…



Top 3 Affordable Beauty Favourites

I was thinking recently about how I often try out new brands and products, whether it be make-up, haircare or general skincare, and see no results. I’m quite good at doing my research before making a purchase, and even then only would really impulse buy something if it was on sale, but I do often listen to the recommendations of others and find myself let down.

But there are three products I have used for years, and I can only say good things about them. So, today I thought I’d share them with you! Of course, everyone is different and something that works for me may not work for you, but with so many products available in stores and online today, it’s good to know what’s out there.


One.  MaxFactor Colour Correcting Cream, RRP.£6.99 approx.

max-factor-01-1This is one product I use instead of a heavy foundation. I don’t have a lot of time in the morning so I need something I can quickly rub on and get some good coverage. This is perfect because it is light, doesn’t leave any streaks, and does a great job of hiding any red spots (perfect if you have problem skin like mine.) The formula also has SPF 15, which should be included somewhere in your skincare routine to avoid ageing via skin damage.

The main plus point for me with this products, and the reason I have used it for many years now, is the colour. I am extremely pale, and often have spots or red marks on my face. I use this CC Cream in Fair (the lightest available colour) and it is the perfect colour for my skin tone. I’ve never managed to find a closer match, and the fact that it goes on so easily with a great result makes it a must-have for me. If I’m going out in the evening, so need more coverage, I just add a heavier foundation on top, and keep the CC Cream as a base layer.

Unfortunately, MaxFactor now sell their CC Creams in 4 colour sticks, and not in this liquid form, so I’ve had to buy it online. I really hope this returns to the shops in the future so I can stock up!


Two. Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm, RRP.£1-2.50 approx.


My sister recommended this particular lip balm to me years ago, and it is the only one I’ve used since. I can’t recommend this product enough!

It has no smell to it, and it’s lovely and light. It almost feels as though you aren’t wearing anything at all, but it still does an excellent job of moisturising! There is no sticky layer or horrible aftertaste I usually find with other lip balms.

I always buy one when it’s on offer, and I keep one in my handbag and one next to my bed. I use it daily after brushing my teeth, morning and night, because this is when my lips feel the driest. It’s also a great base coat/primer for wearing underneath lipstick.

This is currently on sale in Tesco, Asda and Superdrug for £1, but I’ve never seen it sold for more than £2.50.


Three. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel, RRP.£35 approx. 80145ce4-e0cd-49b0-a096-056242375740_41Qv6lzC32L.jpg.ashx

This final recommendation is more expensive, but I’ve found that it lasts for a long time, and is great for my skin. There are two options for this moisturiser, the gel or the lotion. The lotion is for drier skin, and the gel for oily/combination skin. My skin is usually on the oily side so the gel works perfectly for me.

I used this for the first time years ago, in a set I received for my birthday, (from my sister if you hadn’t guessed) and I really liked it. It is so lightweight and again leaves no thick layer you’d find with other moisturisers. This means that make-up can be easily applied on top, and it didn’t leave my skin too dry or oily at all. If you don’t want to purchase the whole bottle, I’d recommend trying it out with the small bottle in the set, which comes with a cleanser/toner and a face wash. All of them work really well together and really improved my skin. The sets are usually around £29.99, and you can talk to the sales representative about which skin type you have. I’m number 3, but for drier skin you’ll want one or two.


So, there we have it. My 3 products I’ve repurchased, and loved. If you have any questions, recommendations or have tried any of the above, do let me know! 🙂