James Bond Spectre Review

CN_YqmzWEAEExOx.jpg-largeTitle: James Bond: Spectre

Running Time: 2h 30m

Starring: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux

Rating: 3/5

It’s taken me a while to get around to seeing this, due to starting a new job and moving to London. However, after hearing many good things from family and friends, I finally watched ‘Spectre’ last night.

Although I’ve seen a few interviews with Daniel Craig not speaking particularly fondly of his job playing James Bond (to put it mildly) I tried not to let this cloud my judgement of the film, and the character he plays.

I loved the previous film ‘Skyfall’ which saw the death of Dame Judi Dench’s much-loved M, but her spirit lives on in ‘Spectre’. The general plot is that Bond has taken it upon himself to hunt down and kill a man, on order given by M from the grave. Well, kind of. In doing so, Bond uncovers a web full of mysteries tangled with the faces of his past.

The film opens with fantastic scenes of Bond seducing a woman in Rome, during the festival of death. The costumes are excellent and it’s smoothly filmed. The action is never-ending and the effects are, as always, brilliant. However, the main let down for me was the amount of women Bond seduces. Of course, Bond goes hand-in-hand with sex and having beautiful Bond girls. But in this film in particular, it wasn’t as believable.

_79509158_spectre1_reutersEarly on, Bond meets a widow, whose husband he has just killed. She know this, yet the same day she falls into bed with Bond. Maybe I’m looking at this through old-fashioned glasses, but it just felt awkward watching it. And then we never see her character again. The next female Bond meets, played by the beautiful Lea Seydoux, the same thing happens.

The films villain, played by Christoph Waltz, is one of my favourite from all the films. If you’ve not seen him playing an SS officer in ‘Inglorious Basterds’ then I highly recommend you give it a watch. His sinister performance makes the film. He knows how to be an excellent baddie.

I don’t regret watching the film, but it wasn’t one of the better Bond for me. Having said that, I know a lot of people who really loved it. I’d watch again, but only if it happened to be on TV.

Rumour has it that this is the last Bond film for Daniel Craig, which I really hope is true. In his own words, he admits he would only do another “for the money,” and I think there are better actors who would not take this role for granted.

How you seen Spectre? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


2 thoughts on “James Bond Spectre Review

  1. Gretl Feeson says:

    Nice review.

    I’m a bigger fan of the Daniel Craig bond but I think that’s just because the action scenes are adopting a Jason Bourne type approach when it comes to filming. The scenes look awesome at tmes.

    Liked by 1 person

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