The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

17901125Title: The Mime Order (Bone Season, #2)

Author: Samantha Shanon

Rating: 5/5

For anyone more interested in the first book. ‘The Bone Season’, I have also reviewed it. You can find it here.

It normally goes without saying, but for this series in particular, I urge you to make sure you’ve read ‘The Bone Season’ before delving into this sequel. Firstly, because it is an incredible book. And secondly, it is hard enough to remember all the names and nicknames and slang words and historical and political plot points, never mind trying to understand the story without having started from the beginning. **Of course, this review may contain some spoilers if you haven’t yet finished the first book.**

“In 1859, two races called the Rephaim and the Emim had arrived from the Netherworld – the halfway point between life and death – after the breaking the ethereal threshold, when the number of drifting spirits had grown too high and thinned the veils between the worlds.”

I think this quote neatly sums up the background of the problems facing our young protagonist, Paige Mahoney, in ‘The Mime Order’. We left her having just escaped the prison of the Rephaim, heading home to Scion London, which she soon discovers is only another kind of prison.

Paige is reunited with her friends, including the fantastic Jaxon Hall (one of my favourite characters), who Paige had a bit of a run-in with at the end of the last book. Paige can’t just forget the horrors she and the other prisoners experienced at the hands of the Rephaim, but Jaxon wants everyone to get back to normal and back to work. Paige can’t help wondering where Warden is, and if she’ll ever see him again. But with London’s Mime Lords and Mime Queens facing a political crisis, the Seven Seals must focus on the trouble on their doorstep.

There are some fabulous new characters in ‘The Mime Order’, and they all have great nicknames; Bramble Briar, The Wicked Lady, Cutmouth and Jimmy O’Goblin just to name a few. The majority of this book takes place in Scion London, and Samantha Shannon creates an amazing future city. Some of the details she adds really make the world come to life, and although it’s probably not somewhere you’d want to visit, the reader can easily image the cold, wet streets, and the smell of food cooking on the market stalls with vendors shouting above the noise.12170986_10153358124853500_290187766_o

The relationship between Paige and Warden is written very well, as I mentioned in my last review. Shannon has obviously spent a lot of time planning her characters, and Warden comes across as very alien to Paige, as she tries to understand his feelings and reactions to her and her world. There are also developments between Paige’s relationship to other characters, not always for the best, but it moves the story along nicely. This second book also explores the history of the Rephaim, and how they came to be. Paige experiences a lot of character growth in ‘The Mime Lord’, and I feel that the Paige that stands at the end of the book is almost a completely different version from the Paige we start with, but the transition is smooth and understandable.

I am so in love with this world, but now have to wait with the rest of Shannon’s fans for the third book, which doesn’t yet have a release date. When more information is available I’ll be sure to let you all know. Have you read this book? Do you want to read it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

  1. Ashleigh says:

    This is one of my favourite series! I wrote a review for it not long ago, also rating it 5//5 stars. Now that book 3 has it’s title and release date I’m more excited 😀 But we have to wait so long – November next year?!? It’s so far away!

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