PR/Reviewing Policy

If you have a product that you would like to be featured on this blog, please do get in touch!

I am a PR friendly blogger, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

All reviews are my own opinion and if it’s something I wouldn’t usually read/use or purchase, I always highlight this in the review on the basis that it might not be to my tastes.

Giveaways: I also would love to launch a giveaway or competition so if you are interested in contributing please contact me at



Instagram: @jadecranwell

Twitter: @JadeCranwell

Brands & Publishers I have worked with:



5 thoughts on “PR/Reviewing Policy

  1. annieregnier says:

    Jade- I would love for you to read and review the book “Brain On Fire” by Susannah Cahalan. It’s a New York Best Seller, I found it pretty interesting!

    It’s a non-fiction tale of a month of madness where a New York journalist had no idea what was wrong with her! I found it very interesting.

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