NYX Powder Foundation Review 

I recently picked this product up on a whim, thinking it was just normal pressed powder, and not a foundation. As soon as I tried it on I realised the coverage was far too good to be my usual face powder, and sure enough, it was a foundation.

I’ve never had a powder foundation before, purely because I’d judged it a little too soon and not believed that it could be any better than a liquid foundation. However, I am so glad I accidentally picked this up!

It comes with a sponge in a hidden layer beneath the powder, and a few dabs over the face really makes a massive difference to my complexion. The redness to my skin appears lessened, and overall my skin-tone looks even and clear. As always, I picked out the lightest shade available, which fits me perfectly, but it is very pale so give it a try before you buy.

If you are in the UK, NYX is now being sold at selected Boots stores nationwide, and luckily the one closest to me stocks it! As you might imagine, the stand has usually been ransacked, with most colours being sold out mid week, and only the dregs are left. But if you’re lucky, I’d highly recommend NYX, it’s a cheap brand (this powder foundation was around £8-£10) and the products are very good quality.

I also purchased a few other NYX products, and hope to review them soon.


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