Colouring Books for Adults – The New Craze

Title: Enchanted Forest

Author: Johanna Basford

Rating: 5/5

A few weeks ago I walked into my local Waterstones store (one of my favourite places, I could spend days in there and not get bored) and was presented with a display of beautiful colouring books and a sign that read, ‘Not just for children!’.

Ever since I worked for Hobbycraft, I have become obsessed with different creative hobbies: card making, knitting, drawing, decoupage. Now, I say I’m creative, but I’m just no good at drawing or painting freehand. So colouring seemed like a great outlet for some of my creativity. Back in December, I actually brought a Christmas themed colouring book but I felt like I needed a more summer book for this time of year. So I brought ‘Enchanted Forest’ by Johanna Basford. And I LOVE it!

Colouring is an extremely relaxing, almost therapeutic, activity. You feel productive, and get a sense of achievement and accomplishment when finishing a colouring, and it takes almost no effort. When i first started colouring, I used it to de-stress in the evenings after a day of writing my dissertation. I would make a cup of tea, put on an audiobook in the background (I’m currently re-experiencing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and settle in at my desk to colour.


Another advantage to this hobby is time-wasting. Usually when I’m waiting, whether for a train, an email or just for the kettle to boil, I’d read a book. But when I’m colouring, time seems to fly by. The OCD in me loves to colour-coordinate the pictures and colour within the lines, but sometimes it’s nice to experiment and go a little crazy with the colours. For me, colouring has  also ignited a love of pens. I’ve been using colour pencils, felt-tips, glittery gel-pens and whatever I can get my hands on.

Of course, lugging a full-sized colouring book around with you, along with all your pens and pencils isn’t always practical if you’re on the move, but there are also post-card’s available for you to colour, in various different designs, and they add a lovely personal touch if you’re sending someone a little note to say hello.

So, there you have it. Colouring isn’t just for children. Many of my friends have also been using these books so don’t feel embarrassed to sit in your local cafè and enjoy a bit of colouring over your chai latte. It’s a great way to unwind and also have fun.


12 thoughts on “Colouring Books for Adults – The New Craze

  1. whereshappy says:

    I have a patron at the library who suggested adult coloring night at the library. Thinking of starting one. Have you come across any other great coloring books? I have a list going. Thanks.

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    • jadecranwell says:

      What a great idea! There is one very similar to the one I’ve reviewed, called “Animal Kingdom” which I lovely! It has pages of flowers which are really nice to colour!


  2. mlcoffey2gmailcom says:

    I love coloring in those books. I am also “crafty”, I do needlepoint, crocheting, knitting, polymer clay, bead embroidery, jewelry making, I’ll give anything a try. For many years I had an extremely stressful career and now that I’m retired I can develope my artistic side.

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  3. Sarah says:

    I have just succumbed and bought one of these books and I love it! We’ve just started listening to ‘Moby Dick – the Big Read’ at home, and I usually knit while I listen, but last night my daughter and I did some colouring instead and it was so soothing. It’ll be perfect for those days when I’m too tired to knit but want to keep my fingers busy while I listen! 🙂

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    • jadecranwell says:

      That sounds so cosy! What a lovely way to unwind, and it’s something both you and your daughter can enjoy together! I have a few and they are addictive, I use both fine-liners and colouring pencils on mine. Felt tips are a bit harsh and can bleed through the paper if you’re unlucky.

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  4. Daal says:

    On Thursday nights, my local library hosts coloring nights – they supply everything! Its a fun way to connect with fellow book & library lovers. What form of books do you prefer? ie ebooks, audio, print?

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    • jadecranwell says:

      Wow, what a great idea! I’ve never heard of anywhere doing that before! I definitely prefer print books, just the same as I’d rather receive a handwritten letter to an email. I’m just old fashioned in that way 😀 What about you?

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      • Daal says:

        Hye Jade! As a novelist, whenever I sit down, I feel like I should be writing. I adore bound books, yet mostly listen to audio books. Its amazing how all the moments add up to listen, my cd player usually on pause, then on play when I brush my teeth, cook, etc. Definitely I prefer mail via post, especially when it comes to thank yous & birthdays. On the other hand, any time someone reaches out to me, its a gift.

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