AMAZING French drama, ‘The Disappearance’

disparue-image-une‘The Disappearance’, or ‘Disparue’ as it is known in it’s native France, is an excellent drama series recommended to me by my sister (who gives me most of the recommenations I come by, actually). I’ve never minded subtitles, and if the content is right, you should hardly notice them. I’ve also always had an interest in foreign drama series, like the massively popular films, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ and more recently, ‘Top of the Lake‘ (of which the second season is currently being filmed. Yay!) So this series is something that caught my attention immediately.


The Plot

It’s Léa Morel’s seventeenth birthday, and the night of a festival in Lyon, France. She she dresses up, meets her friends and heads out for a great night on the town. Her mum expects her back home by 3 a.m. Time drags on, 3 a.m comes and goes, but no Léa. She calls her phone, but it’s off. 4 o’clock. 5 o’clock. 6 o’clock passes but still no Léa.

The Suspects

It soon becomes clear that Léa isn’t coming home any time soon, and her parents are certain she wouldn’t just run away. So, what’s happened? A detective (commandant) is assigned to the case, and as soon as he starts digging into the alibis of Léa’s family and friends, it’s clear this won’t be a straight forward case. Her own family are lying, but each for their own reason. Her dad, did he really come straight home after his poker game? Why didn’t her brother, Thomas, collect Léa from town like he’d promised? And what about her secret boyfriend?

The Details 

‘Disparue’ is an eight part series, originally aired in France between April and May 2015. It has now been played on BBC4 in the UK, and you can find a few episodes still on iPlayer is you’re quick! This is really an intriguing mystery, with a fantastic film noir feel to it, which brings back the audience suspense I experienced in ‘Thirteen’, the BBC3 drama. The acting, setting and film technique are superb.

I’ve not search for much information online for fear of spoiling future episodes for myself, but so far I’m immersed in this show for an hour every evening, and I don’t want it to end! If you’ve watched this, let me know what you thought!







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