The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman

blogTitle: The Light Between Oceans

Author: M L Stedman

Genre: Romance, Family

Rating: 4****/5




Have you ever wanted something so much, something that you’d do anything to get, no matter the cost? Would you take the chance, even if it meant taking that dream away from someone else? Even if it changed the course of their life forever?

This is a situation that ‘The Light Between Oceans’ presents on a large scale. Tom and Isabel fall in love, get married, move in together. However, they aren’t your usual couple; Tom is a lighthouse keeper, and that means that by marrying him, Isabel is resigning herself to years of confinement on a tiny island off the coast of Australia, with just her new husband for company.

This would be difficult for anyone who has grown up with a big family, but after suffering a number of miscarriages, the isolation is just too much, and she prays for a sign from God to keep her going. The very next day, it seems her prayers have been answered; a boat washes ashore, carrying a perfectly healthy baby. Tom and Isabel now have a decision to make that will change the course of four lives forever….

I have been in a bit of a reading slump recently; this book has been sat next to my bed since Christmas, but I’ve finally got around to reading it and I am very glad I did! I am keen to see the film adaption of ‘The Light Between Oceans’, so told myself I’d read the book first. This is M L Stedman’s first and, so far, only novel and it is fantastic. Her writing is very addictive, yet easy to read. Instead of slipping in and out of the story like I tend to do recently, I read the book within a few days. The story of Tom, Isabel and Lucy really raises questions as you read; What would I do in this situation? Are they wrong or right? Would I tell anyone? Once I was finished, I had to discuss the story with my family, I just had to talk to someone about it!

The story is less about the setting and more about the situation of the characters, however the lighthouse that is their home is very idyllic, and the isolation makes the actions of the characters more believable, and perhaps more understandable. The plot never seems too far-fetched, nor was it too predictable (excluding one or two characters that meet early on and then become more significant later). Overall, ‘The Light Between Oceans’ was an addictive, captivating read, even for someone who has lost the ability to really let go of real life, and step into an imaginary world.





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