Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I’ve been blogging for so long now but have just realised I haven’t ever actually introduced myself to you. So here we are…

My name is Jade, and I’m a recent graduate of English and Creative Writing at Falmouth University (here in the UK). My blog, Revewing Central, is a place where I can share my thoughts and opinions on new and old books. Of course, I love to read, and writing is my passion, so it made sense to me to combine the two and start reviewing books.

I am also a former media and film studies student, and hope to write more film and TV reviews in the future for those of you that like to hear about what’s worth watching right now.

Outside my blog, I am hoping to work in the publishing industry, although this is proving much harder than I was hoping. So in the mean time I have been able to spend more time on my blog and hope to connect with as many people as possible. I also love photography, and you can find my pictures on my Instagram which I update regularly.

Outside of reading and writing, I also love cats, baking (and eating cake!), cats, crafts (I’m always making cards for people), writing letters, oh, and did I mention cats?!


21 thoughts on “Who I Am and Why I’m Here

  1. Tracey Rains says:

    This looks like a great site. I’m an avid reader as well. I like that you address the need or lack thereof to read other books in a series when doing a review. I always wonder about that. You reviewed several things I’ve been looking at, so thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ste J says:

    Hey Jade, like your site, I think that a blog can end up being a portfolio or at least a help into publishing if you catch the right eye. It’s good to see another passionate book lover on WP!

    Liked by 1 person

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