Firefly: A Celebration

Firefly-packshot-861x1024Title: Firefly: A Celebration

Author(s): Joss Whedon

Publisher: Titan Books

Rating: 5/5

“For anyone confused about what ‘Firefly’ is really about, all one needs to do is look past the spaceships and Western attire. Ignore the rag-tag heists and wacky, ethnically fused colloquialisms. Bypass the terrifying Reavers and omnipotent Alliance to get to the actual hearts of the series, which is the story of a dark, world-weary man with an unshakable love and loyalty for his adopted family.” 

I think this quote from the book best sums up Firefly. The man in question is the main character, Captain Malcom Reynolds, or Mal. Mal is played by Nathan Fillion in the TV show, and Fillion, along with the other cast member’s says he knew the show was something special as soon as he stepped on the set that first day back in 2002.

firefly cast 364700Firefly, created by the great Joss Whedon, is a sci-fi TV show produced for FOX in the US. The show, which ran for only two seasons, didn’t draw in quite enough numbers in the ratings, and was cancelled, much to the utter dismay of the fans. Dedicated fans took to social media forums to voice their anger, and created a cult following. The DVD sales of Firefly grew with the fanbase, and eventually a feature film, Serenity, was given the go-ahead. This gave Joss Whedon and the cast a chance to end the series with a little more dignity and tie up a few loose ends.

Ten year after it first came about (actually, it’s twelve now, I’m a little late in reading this!) and here we are with Firefly: A Celebration, a lavish 500+ page, hardback book released as a thank you to fans who have supported the Firefly universe through all the ups-and-downs.

Obviously, if you’re not familiar with Firefly then this book isn’t really for you, but I would recommend the series to fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse and basically anything Joss Whedon had a hand in. You can’t go wrong with a project he’s involved in. It will also appeal to fans of Farscape, which is similar sci-fi TV show. The book is incredible. It has colour photo’s, pictures of the cast and crew behind the scenes, as well as interviews with the cast about what attracted them to cast-firefly-10360834-600-811the project initially, what they liked about working on Firefly, and they reminisce about memories they have from the set.

My favourite part was the stories the cast retold about the jokes they played on each other, and the pranks they pulled. It is very easy to see they are all good friends, and Fillion says a number of times that they are all still close friends, and keep in touch. It’s a really nice feeling to be a fan of something that the actors are also fans of. There are plenty of pictures of the cast at conventions, telling stories about their experience with the fanbase and their reactions to the cancellation of the show, and then it’s resurrection. Firefly is definitely the best show to be a fan of.

The book even goes into detail about the money the cast and crew have raised to charities, and amount of work that went into each episode, how the writers came up with ideas for each episode, and it even talks about fan-made films. I can’t gush about this book enough. It is pricey at £35 (you can probably find it cheaper online) but for a true fan it’s well worth paying that bit extra for such an amazing keep-sake, and it also comes with nine character posters. Goodbye for now, I’m off to re-watch some Firefly!


6 thoughts on “Firefly: A Celebration

    • jadecranwell says:

      Hi Sarah! It doesn’t have a book, but there are three mini-series comics written by Whedon which bridges the gap between the series and then the follow up film, and then one more which tells the story after the film finishes. I haven’t yet read them but I think they are meant to be quite good. 🙂
      But I’d definitely recommend the TV show, even if sic-fi isn’t your thing, it’s well worth getting into!

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