Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

isbn9780349401928-detail-2Title: Dark Wolf (#25 in Dark series)

Author: Christine Feehan

Publisher: Piatkus

Rating: 3/5

Since the first book in Feehan’s Dark series was published way back in 1999, the ever-growing number of fans have been waiting, not very patiently if you’re anything like me, for this book. There has been a build-up for this installment for some time, scenes here and there have featured Skyler and Dimitri.  Finally, Dark Wolf, the twenty-fifth book in the series, is here. 

Skyler was established as a main character and a force to be reckoned with in Dark Legend, when Garbiel and his life mate, Francesca, rescued Skyler from a dark, unhappy life. Now it is her turn to lead a book. The plot revolves heavily around the rescue of Dimitri, Skyler’s lifemate, who has been kidnapped by the Lycans. With the help of her friends, Joseph and Paul, Skyler makes the impulsive decision to plan her own rescue, whilst the rest of the Carpithian’s are having a meeting with the Lycan leaders to try and avoid a war. 

I hadn’t read the previous book but I have the feeling it picks up where Dark Lycan left off. Fen and his life mate, Tatijana, (the couple form Dark Lycan) still feature heavily in this book, as do many other Carpithian pairs that fans will remember from earlier in the series.There is plenty of action in this book, which is a plus because sometimes I feel the plot revolves too much around the couple. I think this is a major selling point for Dark Wolf. Sometimes when Feehan’s books focus too much on one couple, it can drag a little – for me at least. So, it is really nice to see how the other couples are getting along, and how each compliment each other. That isn’t to say that Dimitri and Skyler don’t get enough time to develop their own romance. They do, it is just action packed throughout. 

As always, Feehan easily captures the reader attention with her detailed writing. Sometimes it is so detailed you feel as if you are actually in the pages and part of the action. To say she has a gift for writing is a major understatement. Her words have created a vivid world with it’s own language like no other writer has come close to achieving. There is even a helpful family-tree on the first page to remind you of who is related to who (it can get a bit confusing!)

There is a definite build up to the next book, Dark Blood, which is about Zev, a Lycan, and Branislav17412109a, a Carpithian. Zev seems like a great character. and I’m exited to get my hands on a copy! 


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